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Dear Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir ,  

I would like to thank you for allowing the Spirit of Yahowah to speak through you about the book.

When you told me that the God of Israel had given you a book straight from your womb, I felt the presence of the Creator. All I could feel or think was: this is what the people have been waiting on, ”The Power Of A Hebrew Mother.”

Just the name itself gives a mother strength.  Many women have lost strength and have pulled away from the Creator.  But thanks to the God of Israel we are back in the delivery room able to push. 

The Power Of A Hebrew Mother give praises to the God of Israel.  It shows and tells of the love of the Father for his Ethiopian people and his women.  As I began to read the pages of vision of how the Creator was revealing himself in rays of light out in your beautiful garden, I envisioned being there seeing this heavenly being appear right before me.  The vision is so clear it helps you understand what Isaiah saw.  How John had revelations given to him on the Isles of Patmos and Enoch being taken up into heaven and Elijah being taken up in a chariot of fire.  This was so real and very beautiful to see the visions in your book. 

“The Power Of A Hebrew Mother” is so prophetic that there is really not just one part you can say was my favorite.  The whole book was sent from within the room where the Creator speaks to his vision writers. 

I pray that every woman on planet earth receives a copy of this book and spread it to other parts of the world where it can be translated into different languages where Spanish people, French people, people of other countries can get it and read it and be blessed as much as I have been blessed.

Thank you Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir .

Armorbearer Yahnise/Evangelist 
Denise McLaughlin


On Sabbath Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir , came to Sabbath Service with the book from her womb.  Rabbi asked me to pray and lay hands on the book, immediately the Spirit of the God of Israel came upon us and rested.  Great power went through out our bodies like never before.  Our bodies begin to shake. I was bending over praying, groaning and crying from the power.   Rabbi was weeping in the Spirit.  We were in the Spirit on the God of Israel’s day.  The Father showed me a vision and I begin to tell Rabbi what I was seeing.  

The creator had showed me a delivery room.  In the Room Rabbi was lying on the table.  There were people dressed in white all around her.  There was a doctor and a nurse.  He was not like a hospital doctor.  He was a doctor making sure of the safety of the delivery of this baby.  There was bright light all around her. There were guardian soldiers.  They were angels.  

The doctor dressed in white was saying they had never seen a baby born like this.  When I looked to see the baby, it was the .book.  The face that I could see looked so excited about the birth, it was an unusual birth.  From what I could see, Rabbi got up and walked over to the door.  There was a woman standing outside along with other people like the shepherds and the magi.  Rabbi Yahoshua said, “Look mother I delivered my baby.” The lady did not come in the room neither could she touch the book, she disappeared.  

Armorbearer Yahnise/Evangelist
Denise McLaughlin