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 I would love to take a moment to thank my Father; the God of Israel for allowing myself and my Rabbiís path to have crossed.  I truly feel privileged to have met someone as wise, powerful, and meek such as Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir .

I do not take it lightly to have received this freshly anointed saturated book.  THE POWER OF A HEBREW MOTHER  FIRST OF ALL SHOW ME HOW CONNECTED THIS WOMAN IS TO OUR Father the God of Israel, secondly how Divinely Father can use whom he pleases to use, thirdly how he uses Rabbi to demonstrate the  SOUNDS FROM HEAVEN.  After reading The Power Of A Hebrew Mother, it was revealed tome that Fatherís House has many sounds.  Rabbi is indeed a woman who displays and demonstrates Fatherís sounds.  Reason being is that she obeys His laws and commandments.

It wasnít until Father placed this book in my hands which allowed me to be filled with his riches.  All of his fibers, and fruits are in this book.  It was the hidden yearning my spirit was crying out for because it had been neglected for so long. 

 This book is so much Father, I picked it up one night, and one night turned into two nights, and two nights turned into a weekend, and finally a weekend.  I finished reading the book in 7 days.  However, after reading this book, I heard Father say, itís still not over.  I asked Father where did this Woman come from?  He replied from ME.  This book touched and took me places I thought had been sealed up so long.  It was my wake-up call.  The angels from heaven sounded the shofar and I responded to Fatherís call.  It brought me deliverance for me and my earthly father,  it stripped me from all the loose fabric of hurts and injustice and wrapped me with many layers of Fatherís garments; sealing me tightly closed into His bosom.  Never to be hurt again.  Therefore, northing can come out, and nothing can come in.

 This book was confirmation for a lot of things.  Father had shown me and told me, this is how I know this woman really hears from our Father.  She stands for righteousness, and because of that I stand with her.  Rabbi has great work to do for Father, and after reading this book I am convinced that she will get it all accomplished.  I feel so honored to have met this woman.  She is one of Fatherís special ones.   This book brought clarity to my ministry, and hope for the broken hearted.  I now know that it was written for me, yes little old me so that I can be the match for this Great Woman of Fire and help outers ignite.  Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir has a profound message, and sheís getting it out.  Questions, are you listening to what Father is telling her to tell you?  And are you sowing a seed to ďFather, the same God that you say is yours into her mission?  

Father wanted me to pose these questions to the readers and tell them God said, ďIf your hands wonít give then your hearts will give our.Ē  How does one show themselves blessed?  By first being a blessing, this is how Father blesses you back.  How long will it take for us to get there, people of God?

-Lisa (A servant and worshipper) July 23,2002