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There were many things that stood out in this book. One of which is how the author makes sure the reader knows the Hebrew names of people and places as well as how they are spoken in English A non-Hebrew speaking person can easily follow an understand. I also like the poetry. My favorite poem was the poem titled, "I love Ethiopia". There are so many levels to this poem. I could write a long review about that poem alone!

I have to say the chapter titled, "Rising Of The Wailing Women" was beautiful. For those women who have been abused, hurt, traumatized etc...this chapter will make you see that you too have a place in our Heavenly Father's arms, love and plan. For those who think things like, "What good am I?", "Why was I born?" etc... you MUST read at least this chapter if nothing else. It will touch your soul, give you confidence and give you purpose. This whole book was wonderful but personally, "Rising Of The Wailing Women" was my favorite chapter.

Get this book today! You will LOVE it! This book is such a blessing that I feel like I should see a glow around it!"

-Regina Williams
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